Who can fly?

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I've tried a lot of things in my life already, but I've never tried to become invisible. I've tried a lot of things, but never tried to fly. Last night I tried both. Stepped out of my house about 1 a.m., late, walked over to West lake. Quiet; no, silent. A couple of motorbikes passed by me on the narrow streets, a couple of rays of light pierced my eyes. I stood there leaning against the guard rail in the fog, staring out into a black vacuous space. The streetlights on the far side of the lake created a warm, comforting mirage; more beautiful than the side where I stood. It was at that moment I became invisible; but not only then, even now I am. No one can see me. Success. Now, on to the next part. I went home and climbed the stairs to the roof of my house, then jumped off.

-Zac Herman

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